Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Converted Bishop

Bishop Carlton Pearson is a charismatic Christian leader in the US with an interesting history, and perhaps a more interesting future.
As well as normal "bishop" duties, he's had over 30 years of national media exposure.
Below he tells of his discovery of universal reconciliation, which I thought was worth sharing with you.
" ..... in the midst of all my work and my unmitigated commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and my life’s dedication to the ministry of His great Gospel, I have come to a most liberating and encouraging realization, both through Scripture and personal revelation.

"This revelation was put best in words, while I was hosting a live national Christian television program and my guest was the great Missionary Evangelist, T.L. Osborn.

"In the course of this interview with one of the greatest soul winners of the 20th century, he blurts out a statement that burned into my spirit in a way no other single statement has, in my over 45 years as a born-again Christian.

"The statement was: 'The world is already saved, they just don’t know it!'

"According to my subsequent studies of Scriptures to verify this statement as a true and a most powerful and inspiring revelation, I had to face the fact that, not only does the world not know it, but, most of the Evangelical church doesn’t believe it, and therein lies the greatest deception the enemy has ever convinced the world of, second only to his success at deceiving Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. "
Pearson has now been rejected by mainstream Christian leadership and declared a modern-day heretic for questioning the traditional church doctrine that promotes a loving God who sentences billions of people to an eternal hell for not becoming Christians.

God has obviously got a different role for Bishop Pearson in the future than what we saw in his previous years of conventional and entertainment-style ministry.

Blessings, Barry

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