Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What We've Been Taught Has a Powerful Grip

Hi Everyone
I have been out of action for many months due to health issues, but that is about to change.
I had major back surgery last year and a quintuple by-pass operation this year so I have been unable to sit at my desk for any length of time or even be bothered concentrating on reading the newspaper.

But I have been passively listening, rather than actively participating in discussion or debate, and I have been hearing a similar story over and over.
"The main thrust of your book that all humanity will be reconciled to God eventually is well supported by Scripture and persuasively described in your book BUT it is quite the opposite to what I have been brought up to believe."

And, I have to say, I held a similar view until I began to look at the Biblical evidence for the complete success of Jesus' sacrifice for the sins of the world on the cross of Calvary. I too believed what I had been taught - that people who left this planet as unbelievers would spend eternity in a place called hell where they would be tormented unmercifully.

I was uncomfortable with this outcome, especially under the supervision of a God of love, but my pastors and ministers were all preaching the same message, often weekly at the Sunday evening gospel service, so it must have been correct, was my silent response.
So I completely understand what these people are now saying to me.
However, they at least have "The Really Good News About God" to present the true Biblical story, which I and others of my vintage did not have.

So, now that I am almost three months post-heart-op and getting stronger, I am preparing to take up the challenge of making God's really good news more readily available, especially on the internet.
This blog, the website and study guides for "The Really Good News About God" are going to be my first focus, probably commencing after spending Easter at home and having a brief holiday with friends at Bright at the end of April.

See you in May for the first of the new blogs.
Blessings, Barry