Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Next Really Good News Project

Hi to my wonderful Blog Readers and Reviewers.

I have the structure of the website in place (although I haven't used WordPress as I was thinking of doing) and am about to start writing for it and the new book.
I am planning to get the website made public by Easter 2016 and the new book published by Easter 2017.

I will again use this blog to give the various writings a first airing and the opportunity for you to crash-tackle them into shape before they become part of the website and/or book.

So, first of all, are you still happy ...

  • to be involved in what I am writing?
  • to be a reviewer for the stuff I write?
  • for your email address to be attached to the blog so that each post gets into your inbox as soon as it has birthed here rather than you having to keep checking whether anything new has been added to the blog?
Although I value and appreciate your interest and support, and particularly your feedback on what I write, ( "The Really Good News About God" turned out the much, much better for it ), I don't want to burden you or your inbox if this venture is past its use-by date for you.

So please, be honest with your response.
I will not in any way be offended or hurt if you drop out. I promise I will still love you as much as I have ever done.

In the meantime, let me wish you a very merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, our maker, redeemer and model for life, and a safe, productive and satisfying start to the new year.
Blessings, Barry

PS  The book has sold about 40+ copies (and is to be placed in the Geelong Regional Library) and this blog has been viewed over 5000 times (without any marketing efforts).  The message is gradually getting out that God loves us and has a wonderful plan to reconcile us all to him before the end of time through the ministry of our Lord. Barry