Thursday, August 7, 2014

Addition to Chapter 7 of The Really Good News About God

Hi Everyone
It's a long time since I added anything to the blog - I have been totally consumed with finishing and editing the book, and building its companion website.
I have made several changes during the editing stage - mostly small things prompted by your feedback, copy editing changes and the like.
However, I have added a new piece (below) to pages 168 and 169 of the pdf I sent to my reviewers to expand the way Choice Three could be actioned by the reader.
Please have a read and suggest any improvements for me (within a couple of days).

(Page 168)
So here's my question.
What are you going to do with the gift of faith that God has given you?
What are you going to do now that you know and believe that ….
God genuinely and unconditionally loves you,
Jesus has dealt with your sins,
God has completely forgiven you, holds nothing against you, and
has opened the door for you to enjoy life in union with Jesus forever.
Remember the Bible says that …..

There is no condemnation now for those who live in union with Christ Jesus.
[ Romans 8 : 1 GNT ]
(Page 169)
Well, you have quite a few options.
First, you could totally ignore what you now know and what you have come to believe.
That will leave you exactly where you are, living the same life you have been living up till now.

Second, you could say, “That's good news. I think I'll sit on that for a while and see how I feel about it next week.”

Thirdly, you could say, “Wowweeee, how good is that? Thank you God for doing all that for me.”
You could then accept God's invitation to live in union with Jesus Christ, the One who paid for your sins, and learn to follow his way of life.

If this third one is your choice, then here are some suggestions for what you might do next.
  • Seek out a Christian church in your locality that believes and teaches what you have now discovered about God and his plans, and become involved in its life and mission. (It doesn’t matter what denomination it is, nor what label is above its front door.)
  • If you can’t find a church which teaches a God of unconditional love and supreme sovereignty, and a Saviour who will be 100% successful in his mission, then try to find one that will allow you to freely believe and talk about these things and still be fully involved in its life and mission. (I belong to a church like that. Several of us believe as you now do, but some don’t. However, everyone is accepted and acceptable, and we enjoy a great unity and freedom which embraces our diversity and respects people at all stages of life’s faith journey.)
  • If you don’t feel brave enough to begin this search on your own, find someone you know who is also serious about being a Christ-follower and ask them to explore the church scene with you.
  • If you can’t find someone to accompany you, ask God to bring someone like that into your life. (I found a someone like that at a local hotel. God has his people everywhere.)
  • If you wish, you may write to me at and I could share some hints about exploring your church landscape with you.

Any comments please? 
Blessings Barry