Monday, April 7, 2014

Chapter 6

Hi Everyone.
Have just finished the first draft of Chapter Six and have hidden it in the usual spot at  Please have a read and feedback your comments.
I received some really helpful suggestions and feedback for the last two chapters I posted, so please keep them coming.
You should now have received .....
Preface, Introduction, Prelude and Chapters 1 - 7

So now after 4 years, the first draft of the book is completed.  And because it has taken so long, it will need a fair bit of editing as my writing style has probably changed over the time, my understanding of some of the theological concepts keeps developing, and, because I have written each chapter "in isolation" from the other chapters, will have to check the linkages between them.

I have also been working on a website to support the book and researching my publishing options.

Anyway, that's the news at the moment,
Please attack Chapter Six for me. I really appreciate it.

Blessings, Barry