Sunday, December 18, 2011

Irreligious Thoughts about the Consequences of Sin

I have been thinking a lot about Jesus' death lately and have had some interesting (maybe naughty) thoughts about it.
Let me share them with you and, as always, invite your feedback.

When Jesus carried the sins of the whole world to the cross, he took the sins of every individual who has ever lived, is currently living or ever will live.
He carried the sins of the worst sinners ever, plus everyone else's.

So, if the future of people who die in their sins is everlasting torment in a place called hell, then surely Jesus should still be there enduring that punishment.
Shouldn't he?

Now let's remember that Jesus went to his death without repenting of any of the sins that he was carrying, that were now his.
Just like the majority of mankind will.
YET he only remained in Hades (the unseeen) for three days and was neither singed nor tortured.
AND he was resurrected.
AND he was given eternal life.
AND he was perfectly acceptable to the Father.
AND he was placed at the Father's right hand, and in perfect fellowship with him.

Doesn't that sound a bit odd?

Here's another cute thought.

The Bible tells me that the wages of sin is death.  [ Romans 6 : 23 ]
Yet what I hear preached all the time is that the wages of sin is everlasting life.
Most preach that those who die in their sins will be tormented alive forever in hell.
That sounds more like everlasting life than death to me.
Doesn't it?

That's the best I can do in the lead up to Christmas.  :-)

Have a great one - and rejoice in God's incredible plan to redeem us all through the one who started his earthly life as the baby Jesus.

Blessings one and all

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