Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here's Chapter ONE

Hi Everyone
Thanks so much for your feedback from the Preface and Introduction.

I have now posted Chapter 1 for you to read and review for me.
It is at http://users.ncable.net.au/~barrytatt/C1.pdf

Some of it will be familiar to you if you've been reading the blogsite regularly.
And that will be true for other chapters as well. 
The blogsite is used by me to try out ideas on you and get your feedback in small bits before those bits become parts of a chapter.

So your candid feedback is always appreciated on the blogsite as well as the on draft chapters that are now being posted at ncable.net.au.

I am hoping to get the draft of Chapter 2 ready for you to review by the end of the month.
But life is so busy when you've retired   ;-)    ...... but that's my aim.

Thanks again.
Blessings, Barry