Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Atheism is Stupid

In Chapter Two of THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT GOD (my working title for the upcoming book) I talk about the sovereignty of God, how God is in total control of everything.
In discussing this, I assume the position that God does in fact exist.
Although I don't want to get into a debate on the existence of God in this book, I thought I might use the theme of this chapter to point out the stupidity of atheism, and a couple of consequences of holding such a position.

Atheism is considered to be a non-religious position, the non-belief in a God or deity.
But atheists generally are very committed to TWO religions, two belief systems of their own. 
A cursory reading of evolutionary literature quickly demonstrates that the theory of evolution is a belief system which is held with more passion than most Christians hold to their belief system.  
Although it is promoted as a science, the theory of evolution is certainly not a science as it cannot be even demonstrated experimentally, let alone proven by scientific practice.

And humanism is the second religion of atheists, the belief system that promotes humanity as the sovereign deity and only saviour of this planet.

I find it interesting that these two religions oppose each other yet are held by the same people.
Let me illustrate.
Evolution says that we all appeared as a result of natural, random processes.
So our minds, our most prized possessions, are controlled by physical laws, and our thoughts, feelings and emotions are just the result of chemical reactions. (see comment below)
We can't take credit for anything we do or think or feel or decide.
These all happen the way they do because of the way we are, the way we have evolved.
We are no more in control of ourselves or of our behaviors than is a cog in a wheel or a rock on a hill.
We just do what is consistent with the way we happened to end up in the evolutionary process.

Humanism, on the other hand, says that we have the capacity and brilliance to determine and control the future of mankind, including solving all its problems..
That's aiming a bit high for a cog or a rock, don't you think?

If we follow the atheism/evolution connection further we would also come to some other interesting, but demeaning, conclusions.
Since no-one is responsible for who they are or for what they can do, all behaviour is just part of the package we have become.
A loving hug is the same as an act of murder; the skilled person is exactly the same as the unskilled - all are the result of random, undirected processes over which we had or have no control.
Everyone is just doing what they are made to do, what they "just have to do" because of who they have become.

What meaning is there in a life explained by an atheist or evolutionist?
We are just robots doing what the particular mix of physical and chemical bits that was our lot determine we should do.

No wonder people brought up on a diet of atheism/evolution have no hope, see no future, see no purpose in life.
How could they?

Guys and Gals, I would be very interested to get some solid feedback on this blog.
Talk to me please.


  1. Whilst I agree that atheism is stupid and hollow most atheists are not stupid people. A lot of them are thinking people who can't get past the problem of "why does God allow suffering". Evolution is the silver bullet theory that allows them to intelectually remove God from His obvious creation - despite the theory's problems such as overcoming entropy, the eye and knee joint etc. we still see great minds hold on to this idea. I was just reading the other day that respected scientists are now convinced the the Earth did not have the correct pre biotic chemistry when the first DNA molecule "evolved" so it had to have been a meteorite that added the missing ingredients that spawned life. "of course that's how it happened"

    Humanists don't want God in the picture either so evolution is their origin theory by defualt, despite it' cruel and inhumane mechanism of operation. At the end of the day it seems that it's all about finding ways to reject God.

    I actually believe that the atheists/evolutionists have a valid God given purpose: to make us a little uncomfortable, get us thinking and questioning our beliefs and His word and being sure of our reasons for belief.

  2. Thanks Glenn.
    Always appreciate your input.
    I certainly agree that most atheists are not stupid. Some of them are absolutely brilliant in so many areas, but then have this blind spot that allows them to equate the intelligence and order of the creation with non-intelligent and random creative processes. There must be more at play here than the desire to avoid the acknowledgement of an Intelligent Designer. Or is that enough for them to abandon their brilliance at that point?

  3. Paragraph in main post re atheist/evolutionist view that we are and we do solely due to physical and chemical processes is further supported by this quote from Darwin.

    "wickedness is no more a man's fault than bodily disease."

    Sounds like all criminality is to be medically treated rather than the person be held responsible for their actions and punished/rehabilitated.


  4. Have you seen the list of reasons why the London riots happened?
    . anger and frustration
    . rebellion against authority
    . breakdown of family life
    . single motherhood
    . lack of discipline in schools
    . the fight for rights
    . lack of equality in society

    Some truth in all of these I guess, but main reason is rejection of God (atheism), rejection of His word (no absolute truths), no Godly standards of behaviour or personal responsibility.



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