Saturday, March 26, 2011

Book Progress Report

Hi everyone.

I am miles (kms?) behind the book schedule I announced last year.  Even though I have rough drafts of each chapter written, I still have more study to do before I will be happy to release them to you .... for your expert review.

As you would know, I have been a student of eschatology for decades, yet have still to develop a view that is scripturally sound.  It is indeed a difficult task - wish God had inspired a book called "Eschatology 101" to be added after Revelation rather than have us gather clues from all over the Bible and try to fit them together.  :-)

However I have resumed the task because I want to have an eschatology that I know is biblically sound to explain HOW God will restore everyone to Himself.  I may not include the results of this investigation in the book (the first book anyway), but I want to be sure that I can answer the HOW questions that people may ask after they read it.

So ...... I have slowed down the book writing while researching the eschatology ... again.
Cartoons for the book have also slowed down, so everything may well be ready at the same time eventually.

Now a question for you .......
Do you want me to post here (and therefore send to you by email) my deliberations, findings, musings, questions, etc. from the eschatology study?  

Before you answer, let me warn you that it will be challenging stuff.  But if you would like to be challenged, maybe even to the core of your eschatological being, then it would be helpful for me to receive your feedback on what I post.

Any starters?
Blessings, Barry

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