Monday, November 15, 2010

Grieving the Holy Spirit

Hi Barry

Just heard a sermon preached on Grieving the Holy Spirit, and I want to start some discussion with you and your blog community about the following questions if I may. I am guessing the the below questions cover much scope - but here goes anyhow.

1. What exactly is the "Unforgivable Sin"?
2. Is the Holy Spirit grieved by those who are unsaved (when they sin) in the same way that He is grieved by us who call ourselves Christians (when we sin)?
3. And if 2 is yes then can we say the Holy Spirit indwells in as ALL, and salvation (or the sinner prayer) is an acknowledgement of his indwelling.

It is my hunch that 3 is true and has been true since Christ resurrection.

4. and finally, it is also my hunch that this "grieving" is the thing that Jesus most dreaded on the mount of olives when He asked His Father to take His cup if possible. The torture and crucifixion was horrendous, but spiritually living within 9 billion sinning people until they are pure sounds even worse for HIM.

what do you think?