Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Really Good News About God is finshed and published

Hi everyone
The day has finally arrived.
"The Really Good News About God" has finally reached the finish line.
What a tortoise-like journey this has been. (Too many other good things happening in my life since retiring.)

It is available in print and as an ebook.
Paperback and Kindle versions are available at www.amazon.com by putting the ISBN or full title in the search box at the top of the page.
ISBN 9780994262738 for paperback and 9780994262714 for KIndle.

The EPUB version, the version used by all other ebook readers (except Kindle) is available from most other online book stores like iBooks, SmashWords, Barnes & Noble, etc.
The ISBN for this version is 9780994262707.
(All ISBN's are the same except for the last two digits.)
www.smashwords.com is the base distribution point for all EPUB stores and therefore my preferred spot for all non-kindle ereaders.

Thanks for all your feedback and patient support.

Now to beef up the website to back up the positions taken in the book.

Blessings, Barry

Isabel took this photo of me checking the first book on the arrival of proof copies from the printer this morning.