Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chapter 4

Hi Everyone
Well it has finally happened.  Today I had an uninterrupted block of time several hours long while sitting on the verandah at Darrell and Anne's house in Withcott with my laptop on my knee. 
It has been so long since this has happened - with coffees, boats, trips to Queensland, coffees, boats, afternoon snoozes, coffees, etc. occupying my days - getting a slab of time available for writing has been difficult.  (Retirement is soooooo busy)

As a result of today's miracle, I have finally completed the first draft of the next chapter, which I began writing in February 2011, and has not been touched for 6 months.  phew .....
It is hiding in the usual spot.
for those with failing memories.  :-)
I will leave it up there for a month or so.  You will need the password grace3 to open it.

If you can spare me the time, I would love you to read it and give me your harshest feedback.
You are my only reviewers and editors - so questions, comments, criticisms, requests for more information, and plain old, "I just don't like this paragraph because ..... " statements will be most welcome.

Love and blessings to you all,

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