Saturday, May 19, 2012

5 Good Questions

Mainstream Christians of the "eternal torment" variety often haven't thought very much about what they say they believe.
Just a few simple questions soon gets them to realise this.

In fact, I am beginning to use the following set to actually get some conversations started.
1.  What do you think is God's plan for mankind and the world?
2.  Do you think he will be successful?
3.  Do you think Satan is more powerful than God?
4.  Do you think our will is more powerful than God's?
5.  Whose sins did Jesus pay for?
Most church-goers, regardless of their stated "eternal torment" position, will be inclined to answer these questions in ways that are far more consistent with the universal reconciliation view than with their own.
But they're still reluctant to give up their original position.
Go figure.

Discussion, Bible verses, logic, don't work very often.
Truth just needs to be revealed.
I guess that's never changed.

Blessings, Barry


  1. They are a good set of questions Barry. My son Joseph said the other day that his RE teacher said that the only thing God could not do was make us love him. I did not want to boggle his 9 year old mind too much, but I did suggest that maybe the love of God is something that we will learn is irrestistable. The personal revelation I feel he has given me on this topic would attest to this. I said to Joe that we are ultimately made to be in harmony with God, and that even children with bad parents usually love their parents - we are wired to do so. I think I'll talk more with the kids about this and not be bothered about boggling their minds - probably better I just talk straight and remind them it is OK for the RE teacher to not understand everything.

    1. Paul ran into this "wiring" - the irresistibility of Christ's love - as an example for all of us.
      In 2 Cor 5 : 14, he admits that Christ's love compelled them.
      And that was in addition to his discovery of the power of the risen Christ on the road to Damascus.
      Blessings, Barry

  2. Another point on this is perhaps the resistance of Christians to see the truth in its most logical form further highlights how all spiritual understanding is a gift - grace. It is like the Lord is making it clear to all that we can't get the credit for anything.



    1. Amen.
      All is from him, through him and to him.
      [Romans 11 : 36]

      Blessings, Barry


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