Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Atheists Understandably Confused

Found this poster on an atheist website today.  The URL for the poster was:

The text of the poster says,

    “Why Satan is more powerful than God.

    Because of original sin you will go to hell.

    However God desires that all men be saved.

    In effort to save many from death and hell God spent several thousand years developing a plan.

    This plan involved a miraculous birth, 33 year life, and horrific death of His Son.

    But this plan of salvation only provides salvation for a lucky fraction of all mankind who hear and believe.

    All of this in an attempt to undo what Satan accomplished with a single conversation…and it isn’t working.

    Christians actually believe this !!

    They believe that Satan is either much more powerful or much more intelligent than God.”

Atheists can see how stupid the mainstream Christian view is, even though mainstream Christians can't.  Fancy calling that Good News and being able to keep a straight face !!



  1. Powerful point here Barry. Cheers, Rog

  2. This is one heck of a powerful point you are making here Barry.




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