Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You can start reading the book - at last !

Hi Everyone.
After writing for non-Christians,and then re-writing for Christians, and then re-writing for the non-churched and ex-churched, I have decided to write for all of these groups together and hope that whoever reads the book will find themselves engaged by it.

So, after lots of fiddling around, I am ready to give you the draft manuscript of the book, bit by bit, and ask for your earnest and honest critiques in the hope that it will be finished its "peer review" by Christmas (you are the peers) and I can look at publishing it and completing the website early next year.

The preface is available at 
and the introduction at 

Let me know if you have any difficulty getting either of these and I will email you a separate copy.

My plan is to put each draft chapter up at similar locations every two weeks or so, beginning with Chapter1 in mid September. I will let you know when each draft reaches its destination through this blog site.

Thank you for your love and patience.
I will really appreciate your corrections, criticism and suggestions as you review each piece that is posted.

Blessings, Barry.

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