Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting Started

Hi Roger and Kevin

I am exploring a way to start writing that gives us the opportunity to share critical and encouraging comments that we all can see without having to keep track of emails.
Once we have agreed on the contents of an article, it can then be published for others to read and comment upon OR can go straight to the website I am planning.

I have no experience with blogging, but I am going to learn over the next couple of weeks. I hope this little letter will become a blog and you will return your comments about it. Even if you have nothing substantial to say, please let me know if you found this blog  OK and were able to make comments about it without any trouble. (You will need to click the comments link at the bottom of the post to open a window for your comments.)

You will notice I have included a request for grace just above the window provided for comments.  This is NOT for those I know, but for those I don't know who might stumble on the blog and be tempted to comment ungraciuosly.

I have also set up my Skype account in readiness for some Monday evening chatting and studying, if you would still like to do that. My Skype ID is barrytatts.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.